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Safety is always and always should be on forefront of everyone’s mind. In an effort to help keep the roads safe we provide a one stop shop for all of your heavy duty wheel end products. We offer everything from bearings to wheel seals to hub caps. It doesn’t stop there we also offer hub mounted odometers, hubs, and gaskets to meet your needs and help keep your vehicle safe. Brand specific? Not a problem. Martec International can help. As a premiere distributor in the heavy duty transportation industry we carry all of the top brands including Stemco, Timken, National, Triseal, Webb, and KIC, just to name a few.

We understand the importance of keeping your bearings spinning in clean grease or oil. We carry all of your seals from all of the major manufacturers. We offer Stemco, Triseal and National. Looking for tools for installation? We can help. We also offer severe service seal options for dump trucks and other heavy duty or rough terrain vehicles. You always want to start out with high quality bearings. We offer several options Timken, Stemco, and Replacement.

Looking for hub caps for oil applications? No problem. Grease? We can help. We offer everything from six hole oil, three hole oil, grease caps, proper style, as well as PSI hub caps. We carry all of the major brands to meet your needs. Make sure to keep your wheel end lubricants where it belongs with quality caps from Martec.

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For more than 60 years, Martec International has provided the heavy transportation and shipping industries with the parts and accessories to keep America's cargo moving quickly and efficiently. Now in the third generation of family ownership, Martec International continues to provide the industry with the solutions it needs to serve a growing economy.

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